How to mix and match patterns in home decor successfully

EEvan October 7, 2023 12:26 PM

Decorating your home is not just about choosing the right furniture and color palette. It's also about playing with patterns to create a harmonious and pleasing environment. Let's dive into the art of mixing and matching patterns in home decor.

Understanding patterns

A pattern is a repeated decorative design. It can be found in many elements such as wallpapers, rugs, cushions, and curtains. There are countless patterns to choose from, including floral, geometric, animal print, paisley, and stripes, among others.

The rule of three

When you start mixing patterns, a good rule of thumb is to stick with three different patterns. The most dominant pattern, also called the 'lead' pattern, should be the boldest and the one that sets the tone for the room. The second pattern should be different but complement the lead pattern, while the third pattern should act as a bridge between the first two.

Size matters

When mixing patterns, consider their scale. If you mix patterns of the same size, they can compete for attention and create a sense of chaos. As a rule, try to mix large-scale patterns with medium and small-scale patterns for a balanced look.

Color coordination

Colors play a critical role in pattern mixing. Stick to a consistent color palette across all patterns to create a sense of harmony. It's also a good idea to have one neutral color in your palette to provide a visual rest.

Mixing patterns in different rooms

How you mix and match patterns can vary depending on the room. Here are some tips for two of the most important rooms in your home:

  1. Living Room: This is where you can be bold with patterns. Try mixing a large-scale floral pattern with a medium geometric pattern and a small stripe pattern. Remember to keep the color palette consistent.

  2. Bedroom: For a serene and calming environment, opt for softer patterns and colors. You can mix a large-scale paisley pattern with a medium floral pattern and a small-scale geometric pattern.

Breaking the rules

Once you get comfortable with pattern mixing, feel free to break the rules and experiment. The most important thing is to create a space that reflects your personality and style.

Practice makes perfect

Like any other skill, mixing and matching patterns in home decor requires practice. Don't be afraid to try different combinations until you find what works best for you.

Pattern mixing cheat sheet

To help you get started, here's a quick cheat sheet for mixing patterns:

Rule Description
Rule of Three Stick with three different patterns.
Size Mix large-scale patterns with medium and small-scale patterns.
Color Coordination Stick to a consistent color palette.
Room-Specific Tips Adjust your pattern mixing strategy depending on the room.
Break the Rules Once comfortable, feel free to experiment.

Armed with these tips and tricks, you're now ready to mix and match patterns in your home decor like a pro.

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