How to create and use vision boards for goal setting

KKylie August 27, 2023 7:01 AM

In recent years, vision boards have become increasingly popular as a tool for setting and achieving goals. Whether you're looking to manifest career success, personal growth, or simply focus on your overall well-being, a vision board can help you visualize your path and stay committed to your goals.

Materials needed to create a vision board

Creating a vision board is a simple process that requires a few basic materials:

  1. A board: This can be a corkboard, a poster board, or even a digital board on platforms like Pinterest.
  2. Images: These can be photos, drawings, magazine clippings, or any other visuals that represent your goals. Choose images that spark joy and align with your vision.
  3. Adhesive: For physical boards, you’ll need something to stick your images to the board. Glue sticks, double-sided tape, or pins work great.
  4. Optional additions: Consider adding inspiring quotes, goal statements, or any other elements that add to your vision.

Steps to create a perfect vision board

Follow these steps to create a vision board that truly reflects your goals:

  1. Define your goals: Start by setting clear, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals. Your vision board will be a visual representation of these goals.
  2. Gather your materials: As mentioned above, you’ll need a board, images, and adhesive.
  3. Find your images: Look for images that align with your goals. These images should inspire you and make you feel motivated.
  4. Arrange and adhere your images: Before you start gluing or pinning, arrange your images on your board to see how they best fit together. Once you’re satisfied with the arrangement, start adhering.
  5. Place your board in a visible location: Put your vision board somewhere you will see it every day. This will serve as a daily reminder of your goals.

Tips for effective use of vision boards

Creating a vision board is just the first step. To make your vision board effective, consider these tips:

  • Review your vision board daily: Make it a habit to look at your vision board at least once a day. This could be when you wake up, before you go to bed, or any time that works best for you.
  • Visualize achieving your goals: As you look at your board, take a few moments to visualize yourself achieving each goal. Feel the emotions you would feel if your goals were already achieved.
  • Use it as a tool for reflection: Your vision board can serve as a tool for reflection. Take time to reflect on your progress and celebrate small wins.
  • Update your board as needed: Your goals might change over time, and that’s okay. Feel free to update your vision board to reflect your evolving goals.

Do vision boards really work for goal setting?

There's ongoing debate about the effectiveness of vision boards. However, many personal development experts and psychology researchers agree that visualization is a powerful tool for goal achievement. By consistently visualizing your goals as if they've already been achieved, you're more likely to take the actions necessary to make them a reality.

In conclusion, creating and using a vision board can be a fun and inspiring part of your goal-setting process. Remember, the most important thing is that it reflects your unique goals and aspirations.

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