How to make authentic sourdough bread at home

KKylie September 8, 2023 10:02 AM

Ever wanted to bake your own authentic sourdough bread at home? Great! You're in the right place. Our comprehensive guide will walk you through all the steps and techniques, from creating your sourdough starter to baking the perfect loaf.

Creating your sourdough starter

First things first, you need to prepare your sourdough starter. This is a vital element of the sourdough bread recipe as it's responsible for the rise and flavor of the bread. All you need is flour and water, and a bit of patience!

  1. In a clean jar, mix equal parts of water and flour.
  2. Leave the jar uncovered in a warm place for 24 hours.
  3. Feed the starter daily by adding the same amount of flour and water, and stirring well.
  4. After a few days, the starter should start to bubble and have a yeasty smell. This indicates that it's ready to use.

Preparing the dough

With your sourdough starter ready, now it's time to prepare the dough. Here's a simple table illustrating the amount of each ingredient you'll need.

Ingredient Amount
Sourdough starter 1 cup
All-purpose flour 3.5 cups
Salt 1.5 tsp
Water 1.5 cups

Keep in mind that the hydration level of your dough can impact the final result of your bread. You may need to adjust the quantities depending on the humidity level of your environment.

Fermenting the dough

The fermentation process is what gives the sourdough bread it's distinct flavor. After preparing the dough, let it sit for about 5-7 hours or until it doubles in size. During this time, the yeast in the starter will consume the sugars in the flour, resulting in a dough that's filled with gas bubbles and has a tangy flavor.

Shaping and proofing the dough

Once your dough has fermented, it's time to shape it into a loaf. After shaping, let the dough proof in a well-floured banneton or bowl lined with a clean kitchen towel. The dough should be proofed until it has nearly doubled in size again, which usually takes 1-2 hours.

Baking the bread

Bake your sourdough bread in a preheated oven at 450 degrees Fahrenheit. To create steam and get a nice crust, place a pan of water in the bottom of the oven during the first half of the baking time. The bread is ready when it's golden brown and sounds hollow when tapped on the bottom.

Troubleshooting tips

Baking sourdough bread can be a bit tricky. If your bread isn't rising well, you may need to feed your starter more often. If your bread is too dense, try letting it ferment longer. Remember that baking is a science, but also an art, and practice makes perfect!

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