How to keep houseplants thriving during winter

NNathan August 30, 2023 3:06 PM

Winter can be a tough time for your houseplants. With less sunlight and cooler temperatures, your green friends might struggle to stay healthy. But don't worry, we're here to guide you through the process of keeping your houseplants thriving during the colder months.

Understand your houseplant's needs

Different types of houseplants have different needs. Some might need a lot of light, while others can survive with less. Some like it warm, while others can handle a bit of chill. It's important that you understand your plant's needs before winter sets in.

Tip: Research your plants or ask a local nursery about their specific winter care needs.

Ensure proper lighting

Sunlight can be scarce during winter, and your plants might not get the amount they need. Consider placing your plants near a south-facing window. If natural light is not enough, consider getting a grow light.

Maintain appropriate temperature and humidity

Most houseplants prefer temperatures between 65 - 75°F during the day and 55 - 60°F at night. Keep your plants away from cold drafts and heating vents, as these can dry out the leaves.

As for humidity, many houseplants prefer a humidity level of 40 - 50%. In dry winter air, you might need to use a humidifier or regularly mist your plants to maintain this level.

Winterize your plants

'Winterizing' your plants helps them adapt to the changing conditions. This includes reducing fertilization, as plants often go dormant in winter and need less nutrients. Additionally, consider repotting your plants if they're outgrowing their current pots.

Monitor and adjust

Keep a close eye on your plants throughout the winter. Look for signs of distress like yellowing leaves or slowed growth. If you notice these signs, adjust your care practices accordingly.

Here is a summary table of the above tips:

Winter Care Tips Details
Understand plant's needs Research specific care needs
Ensure proper lighting Use south-facing windows or grow lights
Maintain temperature and humidity Keep 65 - 75°F (day), 55 - 60°F (night), 40 - 50% humidity
Winterize plants Reduce fertilization, consider repotting
Monitor and adjust Look for signs of distress, adjust care as needed

With these tips, you should be able to keep your houseplants happy and healthy through the winter. Remember, every plant is unique and may require a slightly different care routine.

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