How to grill the perfect steak: 5 essential techniques

EEvan October 3, 2023 7:06 AM

Who doesn't love a perfectly grilled steak? It's a classic dish that's loved worldwide, but not everyone can pull off the perfect steak on their grill. It requires a bit of knowledge, some skills, and obviously, the right technique. In this guide, we'll walk you through the five essential techniques you need to master in order to grill that perfect steak you've been dreaming about.

Choose the right cut

The first step to grilling the perfect steak is choosing the right cut. Not all steaks are created equal, and the cut of beef you choose will have a significant impact on the taste and texture of your final product. Some popular cuts for grilling include Ribeye, Filet Mignon, New York Strip, and T-Bone. These cuts tend to be tender and have a good amount of marbling, which leads to a juicy and flavorful steak.

Season it well

The second technique to master is seasoning your steak. This step is crucial to achieving a rich and robust flavor. Keep it simple with salt and pepper or use a steak seasoning blend to add more complexity to the taste. Remember to season your steak generously and evenly, and do it at least 40 minutes before grilling to allow the seasoning to penetrate the meat and enhance its natural flavors.

Master the grill

Grilling is more than just throwing your steak on the heat and waiting. There's an art to it. Preheating your grill is essential. A properly heated grill will sear the steak on contact, lock in the juices and create a delicious crust. It's also important to resist the temptation to move the steak around while it's grilling. Let it sit for a few minutes on each side to get that perfect char.

Check the doneness

Not all people like their steak cooked the same way, so it's important to learn how to check for doneness. A meat thermometer is your best friend here. Here's a simple guide:

Doneness Temperature
Rare 120°F
Medium Rare 130°F
Medium 140°F
Medium Well 150°F
Well Done 160°F

Remember, the steak will continue to cook for a few degrees after you remove it from the grill, so take it off the heat when it's 5 degrees less than your desired doneness.

Let it rest

Finally, the last step, and one of the most important, is to let your steak rest after grilling. This allows the juices to redistribute throughout the steak, resulting in a moist and flavorful bite. Ideally, you should let your steak rest for about half the time you spent cooking it.

By mastering these five techniques, you'll be well on your way to grilling the perfect steak.

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