Furry companions: How to train puppies basic commands

KKylie September 21, 2023 7:47 AM

Bringing a new puppy home is a joyful experience. But, it's also a big responsibility. Training your furry companion can be a challenging task, but it's essential to start as early as possible. This guide will show you how to train puppies basic commands using effective techniques and methods.

Understanding puppy behavior

Before you begin training your puppy, it's important to understand their behavior. Puppies are curious and playful creatures who love to explore their surroundings. It's essential to create a positive and secure environment for your puppy to grow and learn.

Start with the basics

When it comes to training, always start with the basics. Here are the five basic commands every puppy should know:

  1. Sit: The 'sit' command is the simplest command to teach. Use a treat to guide your puppy's nose upwards while gently pushing their backside down. Once they're in the sitting position, say 'sit', give them the treat and praise them.

  2. Stay: Once your puppy has mastered the 'sit' command, you can move on to 'stay'. Ask your puppy to 'sit', then open your palm in front of you and say 'stay'. Take a few steps back and if your puppy stays put, give them a treat and praise them.

  3. Down: The 'down' command is a little trickier. Hold a treat close to your puppy's nose, then move your hand down to the floor. They should follow the treat and lie down. Once they're down, say 'down', give them the treat and praise them.

  4. Come: This command is crucial for your puppy's safety. Start by kneeling down to your puppy's level and saying 'come' in a positive and encouraging tone. If your puppy comes to you, reward them with a treat and praise.

  5. Leave it: This command helps keep your puppy safe from potentially harmful objects. Place a treat in both hands, and show them one enclosed fist with the treat inside, and say, 'leave it.' Ignore the behaviors they throw at you to get the treat, and once they stop trying, give them the treat from the other hand.

Train with consistency

Consistency is key in puppy training. It's important for all family members to use the same commands and reward system to avoid confusing your puppy.

You can use this training schedule as a guideline:

Time Activity
7:00 AM Morning walk
7:30 AM Breakfast and potty break
8:00 AM Training session
12:00 PM Lunch and potty break
1:00 PM Training session
5:30 PM Dinner and potty break
6:00 PM Training session
8:00 PM Evening walk

Remember, training should be a fun experience for both you and your puppy. Use lots of positive reinforcement and always end each training session on a positive note.

Training a puppy requires time, patience, and consistency. However, it's a rewarding experience that strengthens the bond between you and your furry companion. Remember, every puppy is unique and progresses at their own pace. Be patient and enjoy the journey.

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